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  • me: *touches elbows with a stranger on a shared armrest*
  • me: what are we


If you look at video #2 on the subway app you can see that the physical cd appears to be the same design as this 1989 shirt minus the 1989 across it!

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Just a glimpse of what’s on my bucket list:

- Go to the 1989 tour.

- Get all the polaroid sets! 

- Meet Olivia.

- Meet Meredith. Get her to like me by bribing her with cat treats. Convince her of my good intentions.

- Meet Taylor. Get her to like me by bribing her with person’s food. Then ask her if she wants to hear one of the songs I wrote. taylorswift

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The only thing that I saw was incredible acclaim and praise and that’s just me going off of what I’m plugged into which is my fan base of real girls out in the world living their lives and when they saw their favorite actress get up in front of the UN and say what she said, I wish when I was younger, I wish when I was 12 years old I’d been able to watch a video of my favorite actress explaining in such an intellectual, beautiful, poignant way the definition of feminism because I would’ve understood it and then earlier on in my life I would’ve proudly claimed that I was a feminist because I would’ve understood what the word means. So many girls out there say “I’m not a feminist” cause they think it means something angry or disgruntled or complaining. They picture like rioting and picketing, it is not that at all, it just simply means that you believe that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities and to say that you’re not a feminist means that you think men should have more rights and opportunities than women. I just think a lot of girls don’t know the definition and the fact that Emma got up and explained it is I think an incredible thing and I’m happy to live in a world where that happened.

—Taylor Swift on Emma getting hate for her speech on Tout Le Monde En Parle (via xloveswift)

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